Our marathon "gorlsgoFAST" will put women and non-binary speedrunners in the spotlight for a good cause. Please join our brand-spankin-new discord if you are submitting a run and feel free to contact umbrellajil, tinabeau, or cat if you have any immediate questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please submit multiple games if you can, just so we can try to have more of a variation of games being run. Thanks in advance for that <3

This is our first marathon that we're putting together, and we've chosen the charity "I Support the Girls" for this one. The charity helps support homeless women with bras, hygiene products, and more. With what has happened with covid and everything, we feel really strongly about what this charity stands for and what they're doing for people.

We are hoping to do 2 days worth of runs going from:
Sept 24 2pm - Sept 25 6am (EST) and
Sept 25 2pm - Sept 26 6am (EST)