AWTS - All I Want for Christmas is Speed








This is a rescheduled date for the original All I Want for Christmas is Speed. If you've submitted for the last marathon, you're automatically accepted for one run into this marathon, assuming your schedule fits. We do ask that you resubmit so we can have your availability. If you didn't submit to the last one, feel free to do so here!

Motherfuckers talkin about "I just PB'd my last run" like nah you need to speedrun getting some ho ho hoes

AWTS is going all cozy and shit this winter, and you best believe we want you cozy with us! Any game is fair game for this event. The only stipulation is that you must have a mug of hot choccy and you must wear pajamas during your run. We're holding y'all to that.

The event page says this will go on January 7th from 12 AM to January 8th 11:59 PM EST. Please put your availability in for the entire event. That being said, the exact event length is to be determined based on submissions.